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Paper Wings began life 10 years ago as the culmination of the combined experience of directors and owners Jason Gibaud and Michelle Fallon.  Starting a family together gave Jason and Michelle pause to consider the constant travelling and grueling, irregular schedule that came with their careers. They dreamed of a wholesome, stable family-oriented life, which still gave them the freedom to pursue their passion for design.


Decision made, they moved to beautiful Mullumbimby in New South Wales, Australia and started the children’s clothing label ‘Paper Wings’ in 2006.  “The Paper Wings name evokes all of the feelings we craft into our collections” says Michelle. Imaginative, robust play, with a hint of vintage story-book - the garments are first designed on ‘Paper’…, then imagination and creativity gives them ‘Wings’. Jason adds, “Our collections are characterised by a broad variety of shapes, patterns and prints that reflect our design commitment to making children’s high fashion that’s playful, interesting and comfortable”.


Today Paper Wings is a fully fledged Design House, with extensive international distribution that delights children throughout USA, Australia, Asia the UK and beyond.

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